8 Attractive Shades To Choose From

Be The Talk Of The Town With Your Stunning Eyebrows

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Deep, Stunning Attractive Eyebrows To Amp Up Your Look

Get the Ultimate Look With Mina Ibrow Henna: The best henna based brow tinting kit made just for your eyebrows to give them the most amazing look. With its spot coloring tattoo effect it is the best Professional Solution that stains the hair as well as the skin. The best Eyebrow henna in the World is available in different variations like the Refill Pack as well as the Ultimate Starter Kit to meet all your professional brow tinting needs at once.

Deep, Stunning Attractive Eyebrows To Amp Up Your Look

Starter Kit

1 Starter Kit= 240 Brow Sets
Introduce Your brow styling needs to the Super Starter Kit from The House of Mina Ibrow Henna

Brow Conditioning Cleanser

Keep the Unwanted Stains at bay with the Nourishing Cleanser that comes with the Starter Kit.

8 Regular Packs

Fulfill your clients’ brow tinting wishes with the 8 rich shades of Mina Ibrow Henna Regular Packs.

Measuring Cup

Make the perfect brow tinting mixture with the Super handy measuring cup that comes along with this Starter Kit.

The Ultimate Spatula

Be a pro at your brow tinting job with the convenient and handy spatula that comes along with every refill pack of the starter kit.

Storage Container

Never waste a drop with the storage container that helps to keep the unused tinting mixture for future use.

Brow Nourishing Oil

Strengthen eyebrow hairs and prevent them from shedding. Makes eyebrows thick and gives a fuller look. Conditions the eyebrows with Mina Nourishing Oil.


I was looking for the best available eyebrow henna kit for tinting my eyebrows online and I found that this had the majority of positive customer feedbacks. This has eight different shades and so I could find the best shade matching my complexion.


This amazing product helps me experiment with my look as I can colour my eyebrows with the eight different shades that undoubtedly make for the best ones. I would definitely recommend this kit to everyone.


This exceptional dark brown eyebrow henna tint kit comes without the pungent smell of Ammonia that helps me colour my eyebrows with the rich shade of dark brown that is super gorgeous to say the least.


house wife
I would definitely recommend this product for this provides for spot coloring with tattoo effects. This eyebrow henna starter kit is free from dangerous chemicals, harsh metals like Lead, Ammonia etc.


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