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Henna Starter Kit
eyebrow henna starter kit
Henna Starter kit for Eyebrow

Eyebrow Henna Starter Kit (Professionals)

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“Ibrow Henna Starter Kit” contains 8 shades of Ibrow Henna (Each box is equivalent to each shade) Brow Conditioning Cleanser and Brow Nourishing oil. This starter pack is for proficient uses as this unit contains all unique 8 hues and each box contains 3 sachets of the Ibrow Henna. One sachet can shade 4 to 5 brow sets, this implies that one box can tint 12 to 15 forehead sets. All the 8 boxes can shade 200 to 240 forehead sets.

Experts can utilize this pack for their professional brow coverage uses with all colors. This will give everything required for the eyebrows to shade and make them idealize. Parts available in the starter unit are 8 distinctive boxes which contains Ibrow Henna Color, Brow Conditioning Cleanser (100ml or 3.38 oz) and Brow Nourishing Oil (30ml or 1.01 oz).

Ibrow Henna: Every case in the starter pack contains diverse shading and has 3 sachets of the Ibrow Henna Color. An expert can make use of distinctive colors on various clients as indicated by the need.

Brow Conditioning Cleanser: The chemical in the pack is to clean the additional dirt and shading from the eyebrows. It is to be utilized when applying the shading.

Brow Nourishing Oil: The oil in the pack supports your eyebrows and your eyebrows look dense and fuller. Cover root to tip of your eyebrow hairs and give them a thicker, fuller and fortified look.

  • Effectively Cover Resistant Gray
  • It is to be used before and after applying the color.
  • The oil in the kit nourishes your eyebrows, penetrate root to tip and thickens the look of your eyebrows
  • Strengthen your eyebrow hair and make them strong

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